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Brad Maurer

I have several motivations for making art, but mostly I have ideas and I want to see what I can make of them.


Making people laugh is one of  my life's pleasures, and that extends into my art. That's my motivation for drawing cartoons. 


I start many of my drawings with no preconceived idea of what the finished product will be. I start with a line or a pair of eyes and let that suggest what the next element will be. I continue that process until I decide it's finished.  

Body Painting

I love working with a model and watching the transformation to the finished painting, and the dissonance between the person you know is there and the information your eyes give you.

I also love working with people who find the experience empowering and positive for their self-image. It's important to provide a comfortable and safe space for everyone to have the best experience possible.


Brad Maurer studied art at Ohio State University and at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago

You can see Brad's work at the 
King's Courtyard Artists Collective 
124 E. King Street, York PA  17401

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